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Date d'inscription : 03/10/2011
Localisation : PARIS



For me the Sunday kicked off with Dragonland, as we were misinformed about bus-times to the hall.
One of the very rare shows that this Swedish symphonic power metal six-piece does and one could actually feel the high expectations amongst the attendants as Dragonland had not played for over 4 years.
What first strikes is the good sound, best to describe as somewhat epic. The vocalist reminded me a little of the early Geoff Tate, but what most attracted me about this band were the breathtaking leads.
I think Dragonland is one of these metal acts for any kind of metal fan.
A very firm demonstration; mission accomplished!

Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas have been around for many many years in the same line up now and one can hear that. From the beginning of the set you can notice that this is not a band of which to expect a great show from, but they let the music do the talking. And how they do!
Incredible musicians and in Andy Kuntz they have a fantastic singer. And they too had a wonderful sound, although Andy seemed to have a few difficulties at the start. But who cares?
Using a keyboard in hardrock or metal is usually always very tricky and most of the time it doesn’t add much, not to say is mostly annoying and boring, unless your name is Rainbow, Deep Purple or UFO. And that’s where Vanden Plas hit the hammer on the nail, the keyboards bring back memories of Don Airey on Rising.
The audience gets spoiled. Splendid performance.


Still with a mind dizzling after those amazing revelations of Dragonland and Vanden Plas I had to watch Mayan after a fresh Belgium beer.
It worked refreshing in the beginning, but soon went to boredom. The thing is with female fronted (or semi-fronted) bands from The Netherlands that they all want a piece of the pie of Within’ Temptations success and who needs clones? So Mayan formed from members of Epica and After Forever, exactly those kind of soundalikes and Within Temptation is for me a kind of rock that young housewives like to listen while bugling their fancy clothes. Mix that with Death Metal and you get something totally superfluous. The Netherlands have some of the best Death Metal bands on this planet and no-one needs another WT, so I have no idea what Mayan wants to accomplish. They had nothing to do on this PPM fest in my opinion. It wasn’t so bad, but I went for another beer.

Fates Warning

Oh oh oh, Fates Warning. Did you guys got off a spaceship in the early eighties to show the world what musical metal craftsmanship is? It was not only me who stood in awe with my mouth open. The class of Fates Warning is that they’re not trying to write the most technical songs, but they are probably technically the best metal band on this globe. They don’t lose themselves in guitar acrobatics. You can watch and feel just how good these men are. You people remember The Spectre Within?  Well, just like that album, this performance was perfect. What else is there to say?


Now if there’s one thing I can’t stand then it’s this so called pagan metal. If I wanna hear good folk and get drunk while chanting out loud, I’ll go to Ireland, find a pub and enjoy myself with the locals. Since a few years some bands find this niche that on every fest one of these groups play just to more or less let the crowd dance and sing. But as music you can’t take it serious.
Of course, the crowd loved it. They always love it when they’re drunk and a bunch of clowns go on stage to sing about getting beers and come up with “catchy” choruses.
But a band like Rage showed yesterday that you don’t have to dress up like a fool to get your metal crowd going completely berserk and still be a serious band where one can be proud of.
This is just a disgrace to metal in general, go shame yourself…


Ladies and gentleman, representing Sweden on this Eurovision Song-festival: Therion!
I mean it folks. I shortly thought I walked into the wrong venue or passed a hidden gateway to another dimension. The circus came to town!
Now this may usually be not really my cup of tea, but I have to admit it all gave the impression of a metal operette or musical and you have to have a lot of guts to even try setting up something like it. It was theatrical, a lot of movement on stage and a big plus was once again that you could see the whole ensemble (with so much musicians involved it’s kinda ridiculous to speak of “a band”) was playing with a lot of enthusiasm and were enjoying themselves. Which reflected itself on the crowd which really appreciated this very unusual act.
Basically, it was high entertainment although the costumes and the interaction in between musicians and vocalists worked a bit chaotic. If I may give a suggestion; get a choreographic.
Musically I would never put this on my record player. But if Lordi can win the Eurovision Song-contest, then why the hell not Therion.


Finnaly then, the Sunday’s headliner, and maybe the overall PMM Festival headliner. And one could notice as every attendant came to see Saxon. Who does not know the albums Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm of The Law or the magnificent live album The Eagle Has landed? Saxon are simply legendary.
A big roar when grey eminence Biff walked on the stage and with two tracks from their last album Sacrifice the rest was one big heavy metal nostalgica experience. Like a “Best of Saxon in 2014”
This band cold easily play three hours and still not be able to perform all their classic traditional heavy metal songs. But they played a set Saxon’s history worthy.
Biff mastering the crowd like no one else can.
It was a pleasure to see how spontaneously surprised the band was after the overwhelming response of the fans. Even after all these years. The audience paid respect to heir heroes, and Saxon paid their fans that respect back.
Lighters went up during Broken Heroes as a tribute to the remembrance of 100 years after WW I and all those who died on Belgium soil and everybody chanted along with Strong Arm of The Law or Denim and Leather. It was one massive collective celebration.
Metal as metal was meant to be.
Saxon took no prisoners and it was almost hard to remember all the other great bands that performed at PPM this weekend after this lesson from these masters.
Fantastic show by a true headliner!

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